Who and What?


I'm a self-taught developer that has been coding since late 2013. I started tinkering with WordPress and making scenarios/modding in games. Since then, I have learned an immense amount of knowledge and have tinkered around in different languages making websites, libraries, and scripts. Check out my GitHub to see what I'm up to.

Languages I know

JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, Python

Frameworks & Libraries

React, Redux, React Router, ExpressJS, Material-UI, Django, GatsbyJS, Gin Web Framework

PC Gamer

I enjoy getting away from reality and playing FPS games, real-time strategy games, turn-based strategy games, or simulator type games as well. Many games I play require lots of thinking and that's what I enjoy.

Automotive Enthusiast

I enjoy automotive engineering and really into old trucks and cars. For me, old trucks and cars are much cheaper to maintain and repair, and last much longer than modern vehicles today.